Elderly woman loses her husband and home in 24 hours: neighbors decide to "adopt" her


Having a family does not mean just sharing the same genes: it means having someone you can always count on, staying safe in a real support network during the toughest times in life. But not everyone has a family or loved ones to ask for help, and many elderly people find themselves living their lives in complete solitude, surrounded by the indifference of those around them. This seemed to be the fate of Gean LeVar, who lives in Glendale, Arizona, USA - but luckily, this granny was able reach out to those around her for help.

In January 2021, this elderly lady's husband passed away in their home, leaving her completely alone, as the couple had no children and no longer had any living relatives. When police officers arrived at her house, they found that the elderly woman was living in very poor conditions, so they immediately seized the apartment.

In just 24 hours, Gean found herself a widow, alone and homeless. Destiny, however, had a less dark future prepared for the elderly grandmother: her neighbors, Carmen Silva, and her husband had learned of the tragedy that had just happened and, without hesitating, they decided to "adopt" the grandmother, welcoming her into their small home. The Silvas are a large family with eight children, and the older boys agreed to sleep on the sofa to guarantee Gean a room for herself. "They became my new family. They mean everything to me," Gean said.

But there was more: the elderly woman's late husband was a former United States naval officer and when Operation Enduring Gratitude - a nonprofit organization dedicated to Arizona veterans - learned about what had happened to Gean, they decided to help her.

The organization brought together over 200 volunteers and - over the course of about 18 months - completely renovated Gean's apartment, making it usable again. Now the granny has returned to her old house, next door to her adoptive family where she is always welcome!

Source: www.wtvideo.com

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