She is 92 and he is 78: after dating for 4 months, they decided to get married


Love is a truly unpredictable thing. It can be born at the inconvenient moment in a person's life and give rise to problems; it also manifest itself at just the right time - a sudden "love at first sight"; and it can come at an age when one should be beyond feeling "puppy love". This last instance is certainly the most touching of all - especially when you see an elderly couple fulfilling their romantic dreams.

The wedding of an elderly couple has thrilled the city of Caçu, located in the extreme southwest of Goiás, Brazil. Mr. Sebastião Valim, 78, and Mrs. Maria Gentil, 92, got married at the Social Center for the Elderly where they live and where they met. After four months of dating, the two decided to "get hitched".

Some might think that taking such an important step after only 120 days from intially meeting, could be risky (and it probably is), but given the advanced age of the couple and their feelings, the two will surely have asked themselves: "Why not?". After all, there is also a bit of madness that goes along with love. The ceremony was presided over by Catholic priest Father Adilson. In a post published on social media networks, the local municipality congratulated the couple.

"The Center for Social Assistance celebrated the marriage of Mr. Sebastian Valim, 78, and Mrs. Maria Gentil, 92, both residents at the Social Center for the Elderly," wrote the staff of the municipality, sharing photos of the wedding on their site.

"The ceremony was presided over by Father Adilson, from the Catholic Church at Caçu-Go. The couple had been dating for over four months and did not want to live together without first getting married. It was a unique and extraordinary moment in their lives! Congratulations to this couple, and to the staff of the Center for the commitment and dedication they showed helping this couple make their dreams come true! It was a magical moment for everyone," the post ended.

Do you believe love can strike at any age?


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