Grandfather is ashamed of having to take his granddaughter to school by bicycle, but she reassures him: "It's love that counts"


There are many families who rely on the help of the grandparents every day - indispensable players in the growth and happiness of their grandchildren. There are parents who would not know how to cope without the support of the grandparents who, armed with great patience, take care of their grandchildren. There is much that grandparents can teach grandchildren, but it is also true that, at times, it is the former who ends up learning a lesson. This is the case of Don Jorge's granddaughter, the subject of this story.

Don Jorge explained that he had an exchange with his granddaughter Renata, about accompanying her to an important school event on his bicycle. The grandfather was ashamed about having to take his granddaughter to school on an old bike, knowing that his grandchild deserved better. The man had, in fact, thought of taking her to school in a taxi that day, as Renata had been entrusted with the honor of raising the flag of her school for the event. But what's so bad about having to take one's granddaughter to school on a bicycle? Little Renata, in fact, told him that she was perfectly comfortable going to school on his bicycle with him:

"Grandpa, I'm not ashamed to have to use a bicycle to get to school. The most important this is what people have in their hearts, not about how they get around."

Renata's grandfather was speechless when his granddaughter said this to him - profoundly wise words from such a young girl. The grandfather then published a post on Facebook accompanied by photos in which he is shown proudly taking his granddaughter to school on his bike. The fact that Renata responded with so much sincerity and love towards her grandfather means that she is wise beyond her years. Grandfather Jorge, on the other hand, is very proud of his granddaughter: "At the very thought, my eyes fill with tears ... she tells me things in a way like she is already a mature adult," said the proud grandfather. Would that there were more young girls like Renata in the world - wise and humble!

A special thanks to all the grandparents of the world!


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