Mother of four sleeps in her car to help her sick husband: strangers give her $ 10,000 dollars


 Life is often unfair and one sometimes has battles to go through that seem far too big for anyone to cope with. Jessica Reboredo's family knows something about this reality: she and her husband Robert got married and had 4 children; they lived a simple life, with a thousand challenges, but always remained happy with what they had - until the day Robert was diagnosed with cancer. None of them were ready to face such a battle, but Jessica didn't back down and literally went out of her way to support her family. Fortunately, there were several people near to her who supported her in moments of her greatest struggle.

Robert had always worked as a wood craftsman, while Jessica was a waitress in a Las Vegas club. Both of them had always worked hard to bring the bacon home and not let their children lack for anything. Their life was happy until the day Robert discovered he had cancer that it had rapidly spread to his lungs. Of course, the doctors advised him to be hospitalized immediately, which he agreed to.

With a husband in hospital and dying in a far-off city, Los Angeles, Jessica had to go out of her way to keep her job, take care of her children and care for her ailing husband. Sometimes, she had to sleep in the car to limit the amount of travel she ae between visits to the hospital and elsewhere a very limited budget. Despite all these difficulties, Jessica never gave up and always faced her challenges with a smile on her face, continuing to cherish the hope that Robert would return home one day.

Fortunately, and thanks to her sunny attitude, Jessica has always been surrounded by friends and people who never hesitated when it came to helping her. Among these friends, there was also her elementary school teacher, Kimberly, with whom the young woman had maintained a strong bond over the years. "She [Jessica] was sweet and kind, I always wanted to have a daughter," explained the teacher, "we've been in touch ever since." Kimberly realized that Jessica was facing a very complicated and difficult time, having to pay medical bills and running the risk of losing her family home, so she decided to help her.

One day, during her usual shift at the club, Jessica began to notice something strange: a customer had left her a $ 200 dollar tip,; the next customer left a tip of $ 300 dollard; and a third left another tip for $ 500 dollars. She immediately thanked her generous customers, not imagining that the surprises for the evening were not over yet.

A TV crew then walked into the restaurant, surprising Jessica who was now barely holding back her tears. At this point, she was offered several gifts: a $ 10,000 check, a new car, and reservations at a Los Angeles hotel for every time she visited her husband. It turned out that her former teacher, Kimberly, had contacted a local TV station to find ways to help the poor woman.

“I had no idea that this would happen,” said Jessica, “I thought it was just me and my family going through hard times. Trying to keep all our hopes and dreams alive and trying to bring Dad home has been a struggle. The most important thing is to keep your head up and keep smiling because as long as we keep smiling, we can make it. "

Sadly, on August 12, 2016, Robert passed away after a long and tough battle with cancer. In any case, he left in peace knowing that many people were taking care of his wife and children.

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