Bride bans a bridesmaid from the wedding because of her haircut: "My rules were clear"



When it comes to a wedding, everyone knows that the combination of the stressful situation, tight deadlines and financial problems can lead to tension. However, sometimes things can go too far. This is the case of a bridesmaid, who was forced to leave a wedding party by an embittered bride after having to make a difficult decision about her hair. In a post on Reddit, the young woman wondered if she was right to take the bride to court due to the excessive expense she incurred for the wedding after being kicked out of the ceremony.

"For the celebrations of a friend's wedding, which lasted 3 days, I had to buy three different dresses, including fittings and fancy shoes, for a total cost of over € 700 euros ($ 740 dollars). She also wanted new hairstyles for each day," wrote the young woman.

"Unfortunately, starting in March, my hair started to change for the worse. For health reasons, my hair was really in bad shape - so much so that in May I made the difficult decision to cut it short. I communicated my decision to the bride two weeks before the wedding and she didn't say anything negative about it. The next week, she came to my house and when she was about to leave, she told me she was worried about my haircut. I told her it would be nice even if I didn't look exactly like the other bridesmaids".

The next day, the bridesmaid received the following message from the bride-to-be: "After our recent conversations, I would like to remind you of my rules: I have been very accommodating and kind, but I cannot allow you to disrespect me. As you know, my wedding has a dream for me for many years. The groom and I have invested a lot of money in the video and photo services for this event and when we think about this day in the future, we want our vision to be reflected in the recorded media. Ever since I asked each of you about being a bridesmaid two years ago, I was very clear in my requests."

"The moment you decided to cut your hair and the short notice you gave me, upset me very much. I would have felt more respected if you had communicated this more than a week before the wedding, so we could work together to find a collaborative solution. Your intransigence worries me and while I understand your health issues, I am not willing to compromise my vision to please you (or anyone else). Since you can no longer fully engage in this ceremony as I wanted, I need you to withdraw from participating in my wedding ".

The message was delivered three days before the wedding. "I immediately sent the bride and groom an invoice asking them to reimburse me for the dresses and shoes. One of the dresses was still in their possession, even though I paid for it. Neither of them answered me, and so I decided to go to court", explained the young woman.

"I had been told that I have been inconsiderate and selfish after spending at least two weeks helping the bride plan the wedding party. I had been working with the another bridesmaids to surprise her with a bachelorette party after a planned trip - all this has been canceled. I spent hours helping her with the wedding plans. When she asked me to help her tone up before the ceremony, I sent her a personalized workout program and even went with her to the gym to show her the best exercises. "

"When I agreed to be her bridesmaid, I was more than willing to please her, even if it wasted a lot of time and money at the time. Was I wrong to take her to court because she kicked me out for cutting my hair?" she asked. Most Reddit users agreed with the bridesmaid, explaining that she had every right to get her money back. What do you think about this story?


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