Mother comes home and sees her daughter having a panic attack on the ground in the rain: she lies down with her


The issue of mental health is always hotly debated, especially in recent years, given that we have always been very reluctant to consider certain states of anxiety, or depression, as real illnesses. At one time, it seemed like hardly anyone had panic attacks, right? Or, perhaps, the problem is that it was not talked about enough because certain symptoms were not recognized as such. Fortunately, medicine and research continue to explore the workings of the human brain, and answers are also being sought with respect to our emotions. A video that has gone viral on web shows the praiseworthy behavior of a mother who knew exactly how to support her daughter during a panic attack, thereby raising the debate on this delicate issue of mental health to the social media environment.

In the 36-second clip, a mom drives her car into the driveway of her house and sees her daughter lying on the ground, in the rain. Instead of screaming or panicking, the woman immediately understands what is happening and, acting very normally, she goes to lie down right next to her young daughter, ignoring the rain. At that moment, worrying about the rain was certainly not a priority, whereas the daughter's condition certainly was. There were many supportive comments in response to the video, praising the mother's actions by claiming that what she had shown was indeed "true love". Incredibly, however, there were also some less flattering comments posted. Some of these stated that the mother was "encouraging" her daughter's behavior - problemmatic behavior that, according to these users, the daughter should not have shown in public. One user debased the topic of mental health with this statement: "When I was young, nobody acted out like this. And do you know why? Because we weren't pampered like today's youth. We were not hypersensitive snowflakes, so we didn't have panic attacks".

Fortunately, many users have responded to these criticisms, pointing out that these kinds of problems are not "addictions", nor are they something that can be artificially "induced". When one has a panic attack, in some cases, one can't even move and the only thing that can reassure the panicking person is being outdoors and, sometimes, the sound of rain can be calming. We all face life differently and we do not all react in the same way to the same stimulus. It is easy to judge when one does not have all the facts at one's fingertips.

"Dealing with a panic attack, sometimes you just need the victim to ride the waves with you at their side until the storm passes. It can be soothing for the victim to know someone is at their side and they are not alone. It is important for the victim to remember that while everything seems very scary, that they are safe and loved," explained one user.

In short, there is no value in judging someone who is having an anxiety or panic attack, so why not try to understand the problem more deeply? Why not try to find out what causes these attacks which, unfortunately, are highly debilitating?

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