"My children don't talk to me in the morning until I have drunk my coffee": this mother's rules are controversial with her followers


Being a parent is a challenging job, but it also offers incredible moments of joys. It is not easy to plan one's life around one's children, but in some ways, it is also necessary to preserve a bit of personal, private space. The alternative could be far worse: living with a frustrated or unhappy mom or dad because of the daily routine, would not be beneficial for the child either. TikTok influencer Fawna Fitts is a mom who has come up with her own set of rules of "survival" at home and one of them is very simple:

"I don't let my kids talk to me until I have had my first cup of coffee!"

Protecting your personal space is very important for mental as well as physical wellbeing: you can't just work or be always overwhelmed by the duties of life. We all have a thousand daily chores, but beyond some specifically stressful periods, we should never deprive ourselves of a little relaxation or enjoying a small, personal space in which we can do what we love most. For this mother, for example, it was essential not to hear shouting or chatter in the early morning by her children, before having drunk her first cup of her coffee. That doesn't make Fawna Fitts a negligent mom of her children, of course. For her, it is essential to start the day with a good cup of coffee and get the fuel for her day. Her children have always respected this rule even into adulthood, without any objections. According to their mother, they have grown up happy and healthy. In short, there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, and doing so is certainly not showing a lack of respect towards your children.

In her videos, she also told how over time she has "imposed" other rules of coexistence at home, aware that some of these revelations would cause her to lose some of her followers. For example, the most controversial rule that she has described and which has been the most controversial, is that her children were allowed to start swearing at 13 years of age, "as long as the swearing is always in a context that is fair and respectful for adults." One could say that it appears that this woman makes her children pay a symbolic rent - even if they are still studying. In short, there is no lack of controversy about this story, even if a handbook for being a good parent does not exist and the education of one's children is always a cause of great debate.

What do you think about this mother's approach?

 Source: www.wtvideo.com

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