An indigent dad is photographed counting the money he has saved over the years to buy his son a pair of shoes


A parent always wants the best for their child, even if often the social and economic conditions of some families do not allow them to give wonderful gifts to their kids. Perhaps this is why the photos of a father who bought his son's shoes by paying with small change went viral so quickly. In the images published in 2019 on the Facebook page "Philippine Trends and News", we can see a man with a face marked by age and the difficulties of life, who counts out, one by one, the coins that he had laboriously saved for the moment. Users showered it with praise, of course, pointing out the beautiful bond that exists between a father and a son.

The indigent man in the photos has aroused a lot of compassion and empathy in all those follower who recognized the great sacrifices he seems to have made in order to buy a simple pair of shoes for his son. In the photos, presumably taken by the cashier in the shop, you can glimpse the exact moment when the man counts all the money he has managed to save up to that point: he knew that he would not disappoint his son and that he would buy him a pair of shoes.

Once the process of counting all the coins is completed, the expression of satisfaction on the man's face is priceless. A special moment, therefore, for both the father and the son.

The post was incredibly successful, also thanks to the caption that accompanied it:

"Guys, let's make this famous! This dad bought his son's shoes with the money he had been saving for a few years. As he counts the coins out at the shop checkout, a smile appears on his face ... he smiles because he bought the shoes that his son had hoped for. As long as he lives, he will do anything to make his children happy and we want to share his story. You are a great dad! We wish you all the best and that you can have more blessings in your life. "

The reaction of the follower was clearly very heartfelt: "God bless this man and every other parent who values their child so much and who sacrifices everything possible to bring them joy. This is love in its truest form. Congratulations" .

It is clear that this man feels a lot of love for his son and his actions have touched many people.


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