An illustrator shows how wonderful living alone can be for a woman


There is a difference between being lonely and living alone. Yes, because solitude is not always a bad thing, indeed in
some cases it can be a great form of responsibility, independence and inner resilience
; it is therefore not always a  question of the lack of a relationship: living alone is a real choice. A Mexican artist and illustrator named Idalia Candelas wanted to put on paper all the advantages and day to day benefits of living alone as a form of self-esteem.

For a woman who lives alone, lunch or dinner are not a burden, nor are they rituals to be shared with someone ...

A sofa is perfect for two people, but just think how comfortable it can be for one when we want to relax after a tiring day at work ...


On rainy Sundays it is always a pleasure to drink a cup of hot tea and read a good book without interruptions from anyone

And when we live alone, no one is ever be able to tell us how and where to sit: comfort is a personal thing!

When you live alone, even your morning coffee can have a completely different flavor ...

And when waking up in the morning you can take all the time you need to get out of bed ... calmly!

 You can continue to admire Idalia Candelas' feminist illustrations on her Instagram channel, or on her Facebook profile.


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