Pregnant rescue cat gives birth to six equally adorable kittens


Rescuing animals is a noble idea, and it can be a very kind act. But, what happens when you save a stray cat who happens to be pregnant? This video features the story of ‘Hazel’ a pregnant cat that needed foster care while giving birth to her kittens.

Rescue cat and kittens

Hazel needed a clean area that was cozy. It was essential to give her some housing options to be comfortable in the space. Hazel also required lots of love and attention.

Even though Hazel was about to become a mom, she still needed to be loved. Her foster caregiver would give her lots of belly scratches and attention, along with tons of food.


When the big day arrived, the foster caregiver stayed calm and let Hazel do her thing. She kept a close eye on her, but she allowed Hazel to perform the process. Mama Hazel gave birth to 6 adorable kittens in this video clip.

It was helpful to new mom Hazel for her foster caregiver to weigh the kittens on a scale daily. This measurement would help ensure that each kitten was getting enough milk.


Also, Hazel wants her baby kittens to socialize. So, the foster caregiver needed lots of toys and space to help the kittens become confident and playful in their early weeks of life. Hazel needs to play too to resume her everyday cat life.

The foster caregiver cannot grow too attached to the kittens because she will have to say goodbye when they are old enough. Goal number one is finding an ideal home for each of these kittens. These stray cats need our help, and if they are pregnant, there is even more pressure to provide a safe, comfortable home for them and their newborn kittens.


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