Adorable baby donkey thinks man who rescued her is her mommy


Mert Akkoek has always been taking care of animals with all his might. Recently, he found a baby donkey on the roadside in Eastern Turkey, Istanbul. The baby donkey’s mother had passed away. A group of school teachers had noticed her.

Baby donkey

These teachers took the little donkey on a minivan to their school. Then, they contacted an animal rescue association. Finally, they reached Mert as they could not care much for the baby donkey.

The association had contacted him and wanted to know if he could adopt the little one. Mert agreed to adopt the adorable baby donkey. Soon, the association brought the young one to her new home.

Baby donkey

The house was quite far away. So it took almost 24 hours for the animal rescue team and the baby donkey to drive to her new home. They even gave her a new name, Kadife, which meant velvet in Turkish.

When the donkey arrived, Mert quickly grabbed Kadife in his arms and brought her inside his house. The baby donkey was soon greeted by her new owner’s playful dogs. Mert Introduced the little one to her new friends.

Baby donkey and horse

He also introduced Kadife to Reyhan, a beautiful horse. Reyhan had a similar story as she was also adopted by Mert when she was a baby. She became very protective about the baby donkey. Whenever the dogs would try to play with Kadife, she would shield her with her body.

Kadife’s new owner treated her like a human baby. Mert knew that taking care of a baby was a huge responsibility. He knew these animals required his attention and care. Kadife treated Mert as her mother because he fed her and did not want to leave him alone. Mert decided to dedicate his life for the sole purpose of taking care of these animals and is very happy about it.

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