At just 17 years old, she earns £ 10,000 pounds ($ 13,500 dollars) a day posting videos on TikTok: "I don't want to study anymore"


 Only one in a thousand finds fame, and Alicia Breuer is exactly the "lucky" young woman who has beaten the odds and has managed to achieve success thanks to the development of social media networks. For example, Tiktok is very popular among young people and Alicia has ridden this wave to a great success -  so much so, that she now has a full-time job. The young woman is only 17 years old, but she earns £ 10,000 pounds ($ 13,500 dollars) a day thanks to the viral content she posts daily! All this was made possible thanks to the algorithm of the famous social network, which every day chooses the most interesting content from millions of post, automatically making them go viral.

Earning this kind of money every day, Alicia said she no longer wants to continue her studies: "As long as things don't change, I prefer to focus on making my videos. It doesn't make any sense to go to university."

British teenager, Alicia Breuer, is truly living the dream of many teenagers today, which is to be a social media influencer who produces viral content for the web. At just 17, Alicia has over 700,000 followers on TikTok and over 200,000 on Instagram, which is why she earns around £ 10,000 a day. It all started when, out of boredom, the young woman started using TikTok to pass the time during the lockdown due to the pandemic. Most of her videos of her are the so-called lip-syncs, i.e. those in which she recites or sings by moving her lips in sync with the audio of a movie or a famous song. In short, it's like lip-synching but with someone else's voice!

Within a few months, Alicia conquered a vast audience on TikTok - so much so, that she was contacted by an agency that wanted her as a promoter for clothing and cosmetics brands.

Obviously, the young woman uploads many other videos. For example, there are those in which she shows herself in quick changes of clothes - always clothes of famous and important brands. This type of clip and the earnings she is making from them, convinced her to drop out of school. Apparently, teachers, friends and relatives support her in this choice, and the young woman seems to be aware that her fame could be only a temporary phenomenon. And she is right in this view - the world of fame on social media is, in fact, fleeting and could change from one moment to the next. For Alicia, it is better to exploit the benefits of her popularity in the here and now.


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