Internet swoons over hero Ukrainian dog tasked with ‘sniffing out Russian mines’


The internet is swooning over an adorable dog tasked by the Ukrainian military to sniff out and locate Russian mines.


A cute snap of Patron (which translates to Bullet in English) was initially posted to Reddit forum r/dogswithjobs but has since been shared elsewhere.

The picture shows Patron, who appears to be a Jack Russell Terrier, donning a tiny Ukrainian military vest and staring excitedly at a Russian mine that has been dragged from the ground.

It was later reposted on Imgur where it was revealed that Patron is two-years-old and “likes cheese and finding Russia

n land mines near Chernihiv, Ukraine”.

Several Reddit and Imgur users declared that Patron was indeed a “good boy”.

Someone else commented: “We don’t deserve dogs and their faithful love.”


A second person said: “He must be having the time of his life. Out on walkies all day every day.”

“Of course they use a Jack Russell. If the bomb goes off they will out run the blast,” said a third.

 While a fourth added: “He deserves the best cheese for the work he is doing.”

Mine detection dogs work by sniffing out the odour of explosives and other chemicals leaking from the weapons.

Some breeds of dog are exceptionally skilled at discriminating target odours from other background smells, making them perfect for the job and even better than human demining teams.

Dogs do have to been trained in the art of mine detection, with this training regularly topped up to maintain their skills.


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