Talking Labradoodle says “I love you” to human baby brother


Many of you may have heard about cats talking in several voices. Sometimes, cats seem to speak in human language. However, how many of you have heard about dogs talking like humans?

Dog and baby

Recently, a Labradoodle dog was heard talking like a human. The family he stayed with had a newborn baby named Noah. Their pet dog, Ralph, got attached to the baby from day-1. It was as if the pet naturally gravitated towards the baby.

The baby rested on the dog’s body while the pet stayed in the same position without disturbing the little one. The two were on a sofa with the dog’s body acting as a cushion for the baby.

Dog and baby

The pet owner kept on saying that she loved the dog and the baby. She said, “I love you, Ralph, I love you, Noah” again and again. Surprisingly, the dog had a reply to the question.

The clever dog replied by verbalizing “I love you” in answer to his owner. From his replies, it was pretty clear that he loved his family and his new baby brother a lot. The way the dog replied would melt anybody’s heart.

Dog and baby

The baby felt safe and comfortable resting on Ralph’s body. However, the owner was surprised how the dog stayed in the same position on the sofa. He was afraid that he might hurt the baby if he moved.

 There is undoubtedly something about little babies that attracts everybody. Even pets find them irresistible. There are many such incidents where pets have cared about little babies in their families.

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