Two adorable otters bamboozled by optical illusion rug


 Hana and Kotaro are two adorable pet otters whose Japanese owner posts videos of them like this one featuring their reactions to an optical illusion rug.

The two can be seen clambering down the stairs, where a tricky-looking carpet awaits them at the bottom. Hana has no fear and barrels right over the fake wormhole rug.

Kotaro, on the other hand, doesn’t seem so sure. He paces back and forth along the bottom step as if afraid to fall into oblivion which is surely where that rug leads.


Hana tries to convince him it’s just a rug by playfully lifting up the edges, but Kotaro still freaks out when he’s nudged onto it. Only when he doesn’t fall does he realize the trick.

Once the magic has been debunked, Kotaro and Hana play around with the rug and delightfully run around and over it as their owner teases them and tosses them yummy snacks.


We’re shown that this is not Kotaro’s first rodeo with a tricky rug. We see his hilarious reaction to a cat rug that he believes is actually a giant cat!

Kotaro and Hana get up to all kinds of mischief, which their owner diligently films. Follow the pair to see what crazy antics they’ll get up to next! 

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