Baby goats run obstacle course for mama’s milk


 Animals in their young form always look cute and adorable. This holds true for all types of animals. So whether you speak of a lion’s cub or a goat’s kid, you always tend to feel the urge to play with them.

Recently, Chris and Hope, the owners of the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine, decided to celebrate the end of the year with their goats. So they released 60 baby goats from their barn and allowed them to run and hop around anywhere they wanted.

The tiny goats grabbed the opportunity and shot out of the barn when the gate was opened. Then, they went a distance, turned, and ran back inside the barn. The baby goats did this several times before the owners gave them their favorite treat.

Baby goats

After several rounds of running to and from the barn, the kids were allowed to run to their mamas and enjoy some delicious mama’s milk. But, of course, some kids managed to find their mamas as soon as they ran out of the fence.

However, some had to spend some time locating their mothers. Nonetheless, all the baby goats managed to find their mamas and enjoy their favorite treat happily and together with their siblings.

Baby goats

While these kids enjoyed their time having their mamas’ milk, three baby goats decided to stay back and enjoy themselves in the barn with each other. They ran around and hopped around gleefully.

 There were yet two more goat families inside the barn. The baby goats of these two families were tiny and could not move around as freely as other kids. Thus, they stayed back with their mamas inside the barn.

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