Boy Holds Baby Sister For The First Time And Serenades Her With “What A Wonderful World”


A video of a boy singing a ballad to his newborn sister has melted thousands of hearts

There is nothing similar to the bond shared by siblings.

Yet, their first encounter and the first days together are perhaps among the most unique ones!

Just think about the meeting of two pure creatures.

From a child’s perspective, the world is truly a fascinating place!

A child enjoys life without being stressed by the worries and responsibilities that life brings later in life.

As a kid, you can still think to yourself, “what a wonderful world.”

A sweet video of a little boy went viral not just because of his freshening innocence but his touching behavior towards his newborn baby sister.

In the adorable video that will surely remind you that amazing things still happen in this world, a young boy takes his baby sister in his arms for the first time and gets an idea to sing a song for her.

Which one?

Can you guess it?

Yup..“What a Wonderful World”!

This classic was written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss and was performed by Louis Armstrong in 1967. 

The clip was posted to the subreddit r/humansbeingbros which bills itself as “A place for sharing videos, gifs, and images of people being total bros.”

This young boy is being a bro in the best way possible!

Even though it is not a big concert-hall version of the song, watching the little boy looking down at his baby sister in his tiny arms and singing the song to her is extremely heart-warming.

People who commented on the video are convinced that she is looking right back at her little brother and smiling (although the baby is too small to process the moment).

“That newborn is SMILING. You can’t convince me otherwise,” one was persistent.

It really seems like the baby is engaging with her older brother.

Nobody knows, maybe the two of them are somehow connected at the moment. What’s for sure, it looks like their life-long bond is already created.

Yet, this boy is not the only big brother to sing for a sibling and go viral.

A woman named Parker Rose shared a heart-melting video in August 2019, showing her son while singing Beyonce’s “Brown Skin Girl” to his baby sister. 

Even though sibling relationships will have their hard times, the parents who recorded the video will be able to show these precious and loving moments to their children later in life. That should be very helpful in their teenage years!

“Did anyone else gasp in awe and shed a tear? I can see many years of arguing followed up by, ‘I’m sorry. I love you.’ That’s a special love,” said one person in the comments.

The video brightened up the day of tens of thousands of people, and many of them even shed a tear!

If you simply love seeing kids meeting their new siblings for the first time, this is a slideshow that will surely touch your heart: 



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