Florida Man Dies in Freak Accident During Burglary After Window Falls On His Neck


 A Florida man who was allegedly attempting to break into somebody’s home died in a freak accident.

A Florida man who was allegedly attempting to break into somebody’s home died in a freak accident after the window he was trying to climb through abruptly fell down on his neck, pinning him down and ultimately choking him, police said.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, 32-year-old Jonathan Hernandez died Saturday while attempting to break into a residence in in Lehigh Acres, an unincorporated zone in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers metropolitan area.

“When Hernandez was trying to work his way through the window, it unexpectedly closed on top of him, pinning him and keeping him suspended in the air,” said Lt. Russell Park, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, on Monday.

When authorities finally arrived, the tattooed and heavily pierced Hernandez had already died.

A photograph of the grisly scene was provided to the News-Press by the property manager of the home. In the image – which the local paper declined to publish – the lifeless body of a person can be seen caught in the green-framed window roughly five and a half feet up from the ground. The window is closed on the man’s neck while his right arm is hanging at his side.

Records from the local jail show that Hernandez, whose full name is Jonathan Hernandez-Zuluaga, had a number of prior arrests on his record including felony charges for grand theft, as well as probation violations.

The alleged thief was “no stranger to law enforcement,” Park added, noting that Hernandez had been busted “for his involvement in a murder case” back in 2014. That report and other details weren’t available.

Hernandez had five children and was a hip-hop artist known as Taz UFO or UFO.

Family members and loved ones of Hernandez are in shock over his death, and are perplexed about the circumstances surrounding his death.

“Soon as I got there I’m like, there’s no way. This isn’t what happened,” Hernandez’s fiancée, Patricia Duarte, told NBC2.

Those close to him have also defended him in local media, noting that he was a complicated human being who wasn’t simply defined by his run-ins with the law.

 “When I first met him, I was like man he looks like he has a rap sheet like El Chapo,” she aded. “And he’s the complete opposite of that. He’s the sweetest person you’d probably ever meet and has the biggest heart.”

Tyson Lane also defended Hernandez, saying that despite his past offenses, “He is not a burglar. He’s not a thief. He’s not a bad guy.”

“That’s not what he is. If he had a roof over his head and you didn’t, he would give you a roof over your head, bring you in his household,” Lane continued. “That’s something that he did for a lot of people, including myself.”

Hernandez’s family and friends plan to continue pushing for answers.

“I just need something to be done the right way. I need a proper investigation,” Duarte said. “I need the actual truth to come to light.”

 Source: themindunleashed.com

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