Shaun Weiss, ‘Mighty Ducks’ Star, Celebrates 2-Years of Sobriety, Wants to Return to Comedy


 Shaun Weiss, who starred in the film “Mighty Ducks,” has celebrated two years of sobriety.

Shaun Weiss, who starred in the film “Mighty Ducks,” has celebrated two years of sobriety.

Drew Gallagher, a friend of the former actor who has kept fans up to speed on the star’s drug struggle and rehabilitation over the previous couple of years, paid tribute to him on Jan. 25th for reaching the milestone.

Earlier this week, Gallagher posted a message on Facebook, accompanied with a side-by-side comparison of the kid star from a few years ago and the current. “What a triumph! Congrats @shaunweiss on 2 years sober!!! So proud of you brotha–look at you now,” 

Gallagher also spoke with Fox News this week about Weiss and offered some updates. According to Gallagher, Weiss is in need of hip surgery. The 43-year-old comedian said that the incident is a little delay for his comeback to comedy, but he expressed excitement about obtaining his last new set of teeth, which will help him “feel much better to be on camera and just in general.”

He is now working on merch, according to Gallagher, while he also “works on his stand-up comedy and keeps focusing on getting back in the game.” According to the Mighty Ducks actor, he is interested in co-writing a book and wishes to “use it as a platform” to assist those who are struggling with substance abuse issues.

According to the Yuba County District Attorney’s Office, the former actor completed a drug court program in July of last year in the state of California. We are proud of you, Shaun!


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