Video Goes Viral: 2-year-old Immediately Calms Crying Baby Sister


As we passed the incredibly tiring 2020, we should take some wisdom into the new year.

Let’s go with the following slogan: ‘It’s okay. Take a deep breath.’ If you’re wondering, no, we’re not here to promote some meditation guru’s slogan. 

These are the exact words of a little 2-year-old told boy telling his sister to settle down while she’s crying. Later, the video of the cute big brother’s went viral on TikTok, and it’s the first time their mother has ever shared anything like this.

New Jersey’s citizen Kristen Reformato, the mother of the two, said this was not the first time her son named Beau whispered things to his 6-month-old baby sister named Ainsley. Yet she knew she had to share it when she captured it on camera recently.

Reformato had put the children down for a nap and was about to take a picture to show her husband, Vincent, when the sweet moment came.

It is a relentlessly challenging problem

that all parents – especially the ones that are parents for the first time – face when it comes to consoling a crying infant. Most families don’t have a baby-whisperer like Beau to do the job for them.  In short, to point out that they have a need for some kind of treatment or comfort, babies weep. It’s just their way of communicating.

The trouble always lies in finding out what need of theirs needs to be fulfilled. It can be any of the following:

  • A dirty or wet diaper
  • A want to be held
  • Feeling too hot or cold
  • Tiredness
  • Hunger
  • Boredom
  • Overstimulation

Here’s something you can do to calm your baby down:

  • Soft sounds calm babies down.
  • Older siblings provide comfort.
  • Sway the baby in your arms and sing. Movement and sounds could distract and comfort infants.
  • Take the baby out for a stroller ride.
  • Give them a warm bath to soothe them. 
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