105-Year-Old Man and 96-Year-Old Wife Celebrating 79 Years of Marriage


A black couple proves that true love does really exist. A.J. and Lillie Reeves from Virginia have been married for 79 years, which is the cause for their celebration. A.J. is 105 and his wife is 96 years old.

This great couple has been married since 1941 and they plan on being together and spend many more wonderful moments till they pass away. They are eagerly looking forward to next year, when they’ll be celebrating 80 years of being married. 

Many other people recognized and appreciated their strong love. So in 2019, they were nominated in the US House of Representatives Congressional record. Besides of this, they have won some awards for the longest-married couple.

Their granddaughter’s opinion on her grandparents’ love

Valerie Le Grand is their granddaughter who is fascinated by the great love of her grandparents. She spoke in an interview where she revealed how she was affected by the great love of this amazing couple.

According to her, their family couldn’t be happier to have had the opportunity to spend so many wonderful moments together with them. She points out that her grandparents’ love teaches us that true love does really exist and that people are really happy once they find their soul mate. Their love is an inspiration for many young people struggling with finding true love.

She mentions that the whole family is excited about next year’s celebration when her grandparents will be the centre of attention because it’ll be their 80th anniversary.

The story of another such inspiring couple

In South Africa there is another such example. It features Herman Mashaba, former mayor of Johannesburg, and his wife who are celebrating their 38th anniversary.

In one of his posts he pointed out that he owes so much to his wife. He expressed his appreciation towards her and claimed that if it hadn’t been for her, he wouldn’t have been what he is today.

Stories like these two truly inspire people to believe in true love and soul mates. They teach us that we should not give up so easily on people we love, or believe to be people we are meant to be with. 


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