After 16 Years; 18 Miscarriages, 48-Year-Old Mom Welcomed her ‘Miracle Baby’

16 Years; 18 Miscarriages

Miscarriage is an extremely painful experience, especially for women.

Lauren Warneford experienced 18 miscarriages and lost all hope of birth and fulfilling his dreams. However, in 2017, she and her partner received what they called the miracle baby. Today, Lauren wants to help other women who have the same problems as her. 

Lauren and her husband

Mark tried to get their children together for 16 years. They spent more than US$100,000 on IVF treatment and had no more than 18 miscarriages. After all, Lauren and Mark are 48 and 55-year-old adults. In every pregnancy, Lauren would have a miscarriage at 14 weeks of pregnancy. In 2010, the British couple decided to give up hope of having a child by themselves. 

Hope In The Czech Republic

It was discovered that Lauren suffered from a disease called “killer cells”. In this case, the human body’s own cells that are supposed to kill cancer cells and other dangerous cells will also attack and kill the embryo. 

Convinced that this is what she was going through, Lauren decided to seek a different opinion. This led the couple to go to the gynecologist’s clinic in Prague. At the clinic, the couple chose sperm and eggs from donors.

After years of miscarriage and unsuccessful pregnancies, Lauren could hardly enjoy her pregnancy. „Even after the 12-week milestone, I cannot enjoy pregnancy at all. I am worried that something will go wrong. Three weeks before the baby was born, I did not buy anything for the baby„ -Lauren said.

During pregnancy, Lauren suffered from blood flowing to the placenta and high blood pressure. This resulted in the birth of Baby William 37 weeks earlier than expected.

Miracle Baby

When she and Mark finally saw their healthy baby, they were shocked. Lauren said: “I feel happy, crying and very worried.” Their story became the reason for inspiring struggling mothers everywhere. The failed IVF attempts and multiple miscarriages did not prevent her from giving birth to a healthy baby. She persisted and won the award. Lauren said: “I think if we talk more about our experiences, then when this happen to women, they will feel less lonely.”

Of course, as new parents, at that age has its own challenges. They are less energetic than young parents and strangers often mistake them for William’s grandparents. But despite all the challenges and costs, nothing can keep them away from their beloved son.

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