Her fingernails are her one and all, until the disaster happens.

The 75-year-old American Lee Redmond has 30 years persistently worked towards one goal: to have the longest fingernails in the world. She has impressively managed their are aggregated approximately 8.63 m long!
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She pays extraordinarily well on her nails and nourishes them with devotion. They proudly presented it to anyone who comes by and asks curiously. In everyday life, it has no problems, because it has developed a system with which they can master everything. Just as she goes to the bathroom, she does not tell, Lee laughs with a wink. 
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When she then also gets a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, she is overjoyed.
Your nails are not only her pride, but for Lee also protection. It perceives as a protective cage in which they can retreat.
Youtube / nollygrio But one day the tragedy happened. Lee gets in a car accident in which cancel their fingernails! 
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"I've only seen a shadow, and then there was this loud bang. Then I heard breaking my fingernails and began to cry. "For them it's like a bad nightmare. In the bag, it shows what is left of the nails.
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For a long time it is completely desperate. She has the feeling that they have not only lost their nails, but a part of their personality. 
Youtube / Guinness World Records
But after a few weeks she regains courage. You begin to let their nails grow again. This is both a physical and a spiritual healing process for them.
So she finds with new courage back to life. Their grandchildren are always thrilled by Omas nails and rejoice with her that the growth starts again. 
Youtube / This Is Genius
This is called well-endurance. All are now curious how long Lee her nails can grow this time. On the way to the next world record can not congratulate her only. 
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