The bus with 27 screaming kids falls into a lake full of alligators, but a 10-year-old is their salvation.

Only a few kilometers from the local primary school, fail at a school bus in Florida in the US on the way home suddenly the brakes. The bus veers off the road, flips it around and slips with the 27 children and the bus driver in a lake.

Facebook / Radio 104.1 WMRQ
"The bus was out of control. I looked at the brake pedal, and when the bus driver it came, nothing happened, "the 10-year-old student Nicholas Sierra told of the accident. 
As if that were not only frightening enough: In the lake alligators live. A nightmare!
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Nicholas sees that the children around him screaming in panic and crying. He is not thinking long after, itself invites a little girl on her back, bring it to hold on to him and carries it to the shore.

Once there, he turns around, swims back, grabs two more children and brings them to safety.
Facebook / Radio 104.1 WMRQ
Meanwhile, the parents of the students have learned from the accident. They rush in fear to the lake and help the last children out. Thanks to Nicholas they are doing all good, only one child carries a slight cut injury at the shoulder thereof.
Youtube / Fox 13 News
Unbelievable what can achieve a single resolute 10-year-old. Well, that Nicholas was there and had so strong nerves!
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