Watch this snake decide it wanted a big ass catfish for lunch

Snakes are some of natures most versatile predators in regards to the sizes of the things they eat, all thanks to those dislocating jaws and flexible body structure. If you’re not sure just how true those statements are then you need to become acquainted with the African Egg Eating Snake; this little guy has no teeth but doesn’t need them, as they eat full-size eggs much larger than even their own heads!
That just goes to show just how versatile snakes can be, so when this guy and his group of friends spotted a snake attempting to turn a fat catfish into it’s next meal they were a little bit curious as to just how it was going to manage it. The fish this snake chose is at least 2 times the size of the snake, but the thing was so fat there’s just no physical way it could pull it off! It looks as though the snake did latch on right where the catfishes gills are, which could potentially be fatal for the fish – but it fights anyway.
Unfortunately the fish was dragged underwater and away from the shore so we’re not able to see if it swallowed it down, but we do know it managed to secure the thing so the snake did earn it… Mother Nature, the cruel mistress strikes again, giving just enough predatory advantage to the little snakes without giving them the ability to eat even more. Just kidding, I’d never go back to Florida if I heard snakes as large as the Anaconda were roaming free…

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