The dying man is pushed through the forest. When they touch his face, is his last wish fulfilled.

On a beautiful day in March an unusual scene takes place in Meadowdale Beach Park in Edmonds, USA, from. In a hospital bed, an old man is driven through the forest. Firefighters push the stretcher and a middle-aged man accompanied him. The patient on the bed's Ed and is dying. At his side is the hospice Pastor Curt Huber.
When he was healthy, Ed was a forester and has spent much of his life in the wild. But since he lives in Evergreen Health Hospice, Ed was no longer at the door. That he can now return to his beloved woods one last time is, thanks to the pastor of the device, Curt Huber. As Curt of Ed learned last desire again to see the forest, he did everything to meet him. In consultation with the management Curt contacted the fire department Snomish County in Edmonds who like agrees to transport the old man.

While pushing his bed on the forest path, let the firemen Ed also feel the smell of the forest: In passing touch plants and trees and caress Ed with his hand over his face. Ed enjoys this special moment visible, and all those present goes to the heart when they see the old man so happy.

By taking action Curt and the fire brigade team have inspired many people and showed how important it is not easy to leave dying and terminally ill persons to their fate, but to accompany them to the end.
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