The 3-fold mother ordered pizza with a hidden message. What the police then finds in the house, is frightening.

Cheryl Treadway experienced a nightmare from which there seems to be no awakening: My violent friend Nick threatened her and her three small children with a knife. While under the influence of drugs 26-year-old is furious, roaring around and does not let in near the phone and certainly not out of the house. The young mother is almost fainted with fear, but she knows that she has to bring absolutely out of this situation their children. You can convince them that the little ones are hungry and therefore would like to order a pizza Nick. Reluctantly you are the man the phone so you can type with your phone, with the special Pizza Hut App, an order with the well-known pizza chain. Then he tears Cheryl the phone immediately out of his hands. 
But the 25-year-old has managed a hidden call for help miteinzugeben. Instead Extra-wishes she writes under the order a large Pepperoni Pizza: "Please help me. ! Gets the 110. If imprisoned "As employees located in the pizza store these lines, they immediately recognize the seriousness of the situation and act without hesitation: You call the police and send them to the address indicated on the order. As the uniformed reach the house, the mother and her three children are still in the hands of man. 
20 minutes talking with the policeman Nick through the door, until he is ready to let go of Cheryl and the kids. He is immediately arrested and brought the little family to safety. Thanks to her quick thinking, the help of the pizza chain and the rapid action of forces Cheryl was the nightmare of domestic violence still escape before something worse happened. What a story! 

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