Every day waiting the bitch eagerly for the postman. But what he does when he has no letters for them, enchanted the Internet.

Martin Studer works as a postman in Brisbane, Australia. In a house on his route he always particularly pleased: The home of female Golden Retriever Pippa. For the four-legged waiting eagerly each day and wagging his tail for the postman. Your family bring in the mail that is their favorite activity. 

Facebook/Martin Studer
On some days, however, Martin has no post on the budget, although Pippa already expectantly waiting at the gate. "Then I have to improvise," said the Australian. 
"Post for Pippa," he wrote then, for example, on a piece of paper, so that the dog does something that can bring them into the house proud. 

Facebook/Martin Studer
No wonder this is Martin by far Pippa's favorite postman! Quite adorable, what trouble the Australians are to make the dog happy. 

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