When They Point This Out To Me I Couldn’t Believe It

Here’s a heck of a puzzle guaranteed to challenge you and your friends! There are those puzzles where you can see hidden things in the background, well this one has rows of numbers and apparently there’s the number “250” lurking in there somewhere.

You’ll quickly learn with this one, that you will have to think differently if you want to find that 250. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

So what’s the key to finding 250? Try to train your eye to look in a diagonal direction, then it might be easier.
250 copy
Still nothing? Ok, focus on the left side. You will see how a bunch of numbers repeat. Now look carefully. See the 250? Remember, it’s in a diagonal direction. This is the trick to the puzzle. You can even come up with other diagonal numbers to use for this puzzle. It’s a great one to fool friends with as many people simply cannot find the number!

Go ahead and share this with friends and family and see if they can nail it!

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