Tattoo artist grants 12-year-old boy’s last wish. But look closely at what he’s holding!

Touching: tattoo painted on 12-year-old cancer patient in hospital.

Victor is a typical boy from Brazil who loves soccer more than anything. In January 2015, when the 12-year-old began feeling terrible back pain, doctors discovered a tumor pressing on his spine. But the tumor soon spread through his body and he wasn't given much time to live. He was most upset the he would never be able to do things as an adult, like get a tattoo.
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When Alcides Corrêa, a friend of Victor's dad, heard the news he wanted to fulfill Victor's wish of getting a tattoo. But instead of his tattoo gun, he came to the hospital with a package of colorful markers and gave Victor a gorgeous personalized arm tattoo. He promised to come back the next week to give him a fresh one, but Victor passed away a few days later. But his name lives on in a tattoo that Alcides gave to Victor's dad.
Facebook/Alcides Corrêa
A sad but beautiful story!
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