NOPE: The water from his ear trickles into the bucket, but then something unexpected gushes out. Everyone has to look away.

There’s a reason why our parents and teachers always told us that cleaning our ears is important, though it’s not until you get a little older that you figure it out for yourself.

Even still there’s some people just don’t figure it out, but then there’s others that suffer from an overactive cerumen gland and can’t help it. Whatever the reason may be, the young man in the video below ended up having so much built up wax in his right ear he had to get a professional ear irrigation done to remove it all!

Now, I was prepared for some little chunks of gunk to come pouring out when the water kept flushing, but there’s no way I could have been ready for that massive black rock of hatred to pop out. It just makes you wonder how he managed to hear anything in that ear before it was taken out… Hopefully he starts taking better care of it now though.
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