Man Struts Out In Bizarre Bodysuit, But What He Does Leaves The Judges Baffled!

There’s a lot of acts on America’s Got Talent that deserve some recognition, but I doubt I’ve seen one as surprising as the show Ukranian-American Viktor Kee put on.
Right when he walks out you can tell the performance will be a bit different as he’s dressed full-up in a human bodysuit! His makeup adds to the ambiance of the overall theme, but what he does can only be described as a mix between ballet, interpretive dance and… juggling.
Because of his abilities Kee actually started the Viktor Kee Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to aiding in the inventiveness of poor youths. He’s also received a gold medal from the 28th International Circus Festival in Paris! Even without his previous accomplishments the act he puts on is worth the watch.

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