This Type Of Robbery Is Becoming A Trend Across America. Here’s How To Prevent It

Thieves have a new trick up their sleeves and it’s called “sliding.”

This is very important to recognize as Americans are 30% likely to be robbed at some point, and if that robbery involves something being taken from your automobile, or the automobile itself, and you are in close proximity, then this can not only be a huge loss, it can turn into a very dangerous situation.
This is especially the case when a robber employs the latest thieving technique known as “sliding.”
Here’s what “sliding” is all about:
While you are at a gas station pumping gas, a criminal will sneak, or slide, right into your car. And if they are good sliders, it ends up being totally out of sight and the thief will quickly make off with a wallet, your laptop, phone or any other valuables you have inside. So far “sliders” have been especially active in Florida, Texas and Kentucky. Other states have also been reporting an increase in “sliding” incidents.
When you go to pump gas, it may be tempting to just get out of your car with doors unlocked and windows down, but you are setting yourself up for a potential slide. Thieves prey on this lazy behavior and can position themselves to slide right into a car without you knowing and then take off with your goods. Always lock doors and close windows, while being extra aware of your immediate surroundings.

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