Your Left Palm Reveals Your Future, and the Right – Your Past- Here’s How To Interpret the Lines!

Throughout the history and until present day there has been a popular belief that our life and destiny are hidden deep in the lines on our palms. The left palm is believed to be revealing the inherited abilities and skills of the person, so it indicated the future.

On the other hand, the right palm shows what we have achieved in our lives until now. Hence, all you need to do is to read the passive palm for the inherited characteristics and your inner potential.

Read the lines on the active palm to find out the changes you can do and how you can influence the future.

To be more concrete, a right-handed person’s active hand will be his or her right hand while the left hand is passive. It is opposite with left-handed people.

In the case of differences between the marks of the active and passive hand, that person has actively and hard worked toward his self-development in every aspect. Also, people  with relatively small hands are considered more active, spending less time thinking about what to do.

Today, we will give you some instructions on how to read the lines on your left hand and know a bit more about your future!
  • The life line
This line starts between the thumb and forefinger and passes around the Mount of Venus towards the wrist. Broken and branched line downwards means that you will suffer a disease and/or experience accidents. In the case it is long, deep and smooth, you will live a long and healthy life.
  • The headline
The headline is the middle horizontal line of the palm. If it t falls in one direction, it means that you are an imaginative person, and if it is long and deep, you have an extensive mind. The direction that goes upwards: boring, objective.
In the case it shares its start with the life line, it means that you have a reasonable and devotional intercourse with the opposite sex. On the other hand, if its beginning is far above the life line, it indicates affection to arrogance and hypocrisy. Small transverse lines through the headline suggest a predisposition towards headaches.
  • The heart line
You can find it above the headline with the opposite flow (from the little finger to the forefinger). Long, deep, smooth: emotions and compassion. The end of the line of the heart between the middle finger and forefinger: graciousness and sacrificing.
The end of forefinger: greediness for power. The end behind the forefinger: the devotion of life to only one profession. If the life line and the head line are close, that means that the head dominates over feelings.
  • The destiny line
This line stretches from the wrist to the middle finger. If it is deeply engraved, then a prescribed destiny determines the life. If the destiny line is missing: a distinctive determined way of life. Interruptions indicate misfortune.If this line begins in the middle of the palm, it is a sign of a late success.
  • The art line
It is stretched from the destiny line up to the ring finger. In the case of another line next to art line (the money line), you can live from your talent. If the line is mainly dominant, it is a sign that you possess an artistic talent. If both lines are missing, you will experience neither glory nor happiness.
  • The Mercury line
It is below the finger, right next to the art line. A sign of business agility is if you have one Mercury line, long and firm. If there are more thin lines, you have some scientific interests. You will profit through science or business if the Mercury line is connected with the money or art line.
  • The health line
The health line is the arch below the Mercury line, but many people may not have it. However, it would be worse it present, as it is a sign of health problems, mostly the pain of internal organs.
  • The happiness lines
These lines can be found four lines around the wrist. If they are absent, you will have no joy or happiness. If they are clear, you will be happy, but after you have worked hard.
  • The erotic lines
The small lines on the Mount of Venus are the erotic ones. If the lines are short, weak, they indicate fewer emotions. If they are strong, long and parallel lines, they are a sign of strong romantic feelings. If the lines are grid, you have a tendency to arguments and short relationships. Strong Mount of Venus indicates a distinct sensibility and vitality.
  • The line of success
The line of success is the small line from the headline to the forefinger. If it is straight, it means that your ambition will bring you success. If the lines are grossed, you will face obstacles on the way to success.Note that crossed lines are even stronger than the line of success, and they indicate a failure of ambitious plans.
  • The girdle of Venus
The girdle of Venus is the arch below the middle finger and the ring finger. In the case of more circles, it means that your excessive sensitivity complicates your ordinary life. If the circle is closed, it signifies a disappointment in love, and if it is semi-closed, you will overcome a disappointment.

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