The bride and groom kiss for the photo. But look at the flower girl – she steals the show!

When Michelle Hall entered into the bonds of matrimony her 4 year old daughter Anderson, was the flower girl. But in this wedding photo the bride and groom are pushed into the background thanks to Anderson's smooth moves! Just like the adults, the little girl gives the ring bearer a big smooch. His subtle expression of panic and dismay after the little kiss though, shows that he probably wasn't too impressed!
Twitter/Camara Club
"I said that the bride and groom should kiss", remembered the photographer Leah Bullard, who took this photo.
"But because Anderson had called herself the bride the whole day, she assumed that I meant her and instantly kissed." I call this a real snapshot! If this flower girl who has no fear of contact also amused you, then SHARE this photo with all of your friends.
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