Boeing 777 transforms into a robot at Frankfurt Airport

A seemingly normal Boeing 777 has a couple tricks up its sleeve. As it approaches the runway to land, it suddenly morphs into a robot -- Transformers style -- and runs off the tarmac desperately looking for a bathroom. The video, uploaded by YouTuber Michael Schmidt on Dec. 2, has amassed nearly 3 million views and counting. Janelle Hughes of the Tampa Bay Review says, “This video went viral and took down all previous viral video records.”
And no wonder. The CGI skills of its mysterious creator – all we know is that he is based in Germany -- have gathered the high praises of many. The clip is incredibly realistic, appearing to be an amateur video with shaky camera work and all the usual sounds you would expect while watching planes land from an observation viewpoint – engine noises, nearby observers chatting. When the airplane morphs, the chatter turns to slight applause – as if the observers are delighted but not surprised by the transformation.

Just last year, the Frankfurt Airport was the backdrop for another YouTube video hoax. That video purported to be leaked footage of the new Star Wars film, showing the Imperial Army occupying the airport. Like the Transformers-style video, this one also seems all the more real with ambient wind noises, an unsteady camera and shots taken from behind foliage, as if the filmmaker were in hiding and filming illicitly. As Tom Meltzer of The Guardian reported last year, the YouTube poster of that video was also mysterious, known only by the German name “Frank Wunderlich.”

Is there a connection? We don’t know, but we hope these guys keep ‘em coming.

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