This is What Happens When You Boil Coke – Just One More Reason to Ditch the Soda

By now you’ve heard that Coca Cola is being used as a pesticide in India, can clean a toilet, and even is handy as a rust remover, but exploration regarding its acid advantage hasn’t gone beyond room temperature – until now. If you needed one more reason to ditch soda, it’s demonstrated in the video below.
It’s unfortunate that such a drink is more abundantly dispersed than water in Mexico, but that’s what happens when corporate greed overtakes public health concern. (Fun fact: did you know the previous president of Coca Cola became Mexico’s president of the Republic in 2000? Point given.)
CrazyRussianHacker made this video to prove a point, but unless every individual chooses to abstain from sugary, highly processed, and acidic drinks, little to no change will happen on a collective scale. Individual action is where it begins, however, and choice to remain healthy and connected begins in the home. Be the example, and ditch the soda once and for all. If you need more persuasion, check out this link detailing the many health problems soda (coke) contributes to.
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