This Girl was Confused When a Man With One Leg Step Onto a Treadmill. What Happens Next Makes Her Jaw Drop

Paralympic athletes are unfortunately some of the most underrated competitive individuals out there. Yet they train their asses off and have many more competitive challenges than the big names we usually associate in athletics.
Here’s an ad for the upcoming 2016 Paralympic Games which hopes to change your perception of what an athlete really looks like. Luciano Dantas, Vinicius Rodrigues and Lucia Teixeira visited gyms all across Rio. Hidden cameras were set up in order to capture the reactions of others and their ingrained perceptions of what an athlete is supposed to look like. Many of the onlookers give off bemused stares as initial reactions, but they quickly find themselves with their tails between their legs as these para-athletes perform at such a high level, many times outperforming the able bodied, bemused gym-goers themselves! Check out this powerful ad.

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