How to Get Rid Of Menstrual Pain Naturally?

We can relieve menstrual pain without taking different pills. We propose several solutions.

Painful period is a common problem in young women, which usually disappears after the age of 25 or after having your first child. The pain is caused by uterine contractions. The convulsions are associated with elevated levels of hormone-like substances, known as prostaglandins.

If you experience pain after the age of 40, or you do not experience pain a long period of time, it’s possible that you have some kind of disease, such as endometriosis, in which case you have to consult your doctor.
How to Get Rid Of Menstrual Pain Naturally


You should pay special attention to your diet, especially in the first week before your period. Choose foods rich in essential fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, zinc and vitamins B, C and E, plus drink lots of fluids. Avoid yin and yang foods, i.e. foods of animal origin, tropical fruit and simple carbohydrates (all desserts) and pick integral grains and vegetables instead.


Physical activity can help prevent pain or at least relieve it. It is recommended to do exercises with all muscles being stimulated in one workout. For example you should go swimming, or do aerobics or yoga. It is preferable to do the following exercises:
  1. Get on all fours and then stretch several times by bending the lower back.
  2. While on all fours exhale and then while inhale quickly lift you buttocks, so that your body looks like an equilateral triangle (like upside-down letter V); the back is flattened and the legs fully stretched. You feel relaxed in this position. Take few deep breaths and you’ll feel the abdominal tension yield. Repeat the exercise, if necessary. This exercise is great, it can be done anywhere. Plus you can customize the exercises to fit your specific goals.
  1. Sit with flattened back holding your feet together bend your knees, so that your heels are close to your body. Hold your feet and gently lift and lower the knees several times. Then slowly lean forward, so that your hips are bent and your back remains flattened. Hold this position for 2 minutes and you’ll feel a stretch in your legs. Relax and while exhaling slightly lean forward. Hold this position and inhale. Repeat the exercise, if necessary.
Plants heal all kind of pain
It is known that teas are common natural methods for relieving menstrual pain. Here are some of the most popular tea mixtures: linseed (pour 2 tablespoons of linseed with a liter of cold water and let it boil for at least 5 minutes), marjoram (pour 30 grams of marjoram leaves with a liter of water and let it boil for 15 minutes. Drink three cups a day). We can also add to the list the following powerful plants:  thyme, lemon balm, mistletoe, lady’s mantle and sage.
You should consume a little more exotic mixtures including mint, cinnamon and ginger.
Salar tea: Dissolve a pinch of salt flower (crystallized salt) or Himalayan salt in warm water and you will get the oldest isotonic drink, which will slightly make you light and positive (yang) and thus balance your menstrual cycle represented as dark and negative (yin).
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