A woman draws on her hand. You’ll never guess why the police then show up.

A desperate woman hears about an unusual campaign. She takes this picture immediately and sends it to a social worker. The next day she's standing in front of the door with the police. The officials don't hesitate and arrest the husband immediately.

The woman's husband beat and mistreated her even though the pair had 4 children together. Thanks to a British woman who had undergone the same experience, her suffering has found an end. Out of sheer desperation, she started this project so that victims of domestic abuse can be identified silently.

A victim draws a small black dot on the inside of their hand. Other people are supposed to identify the victim's suffering and help them in the case of an emergency. A quick call to the police could change their lives forever, or in the worst of cases save it.

Most people who experience something so terrible, are unable to speak of their suffering. They even fear for their own lives and those of their children, that a single word could have fatal consequences. The British woman, who would rather remain anonymous, started the "Black Dot Campaign." She says, "So many people suffer in silence because they have no one to ask for help."
"End the silence of domestic violence," it says.

"Thank you a thousand times! I didn't even have to draw a  dot. But you have removed the horror out of our lives," writes a woman who escaped her worst nightmare. Many victims are determined to take advantage of this simple, yet effective means. And it's not just women who are publicly showing their suffering; more and more men have come out as well.


1 in 4 women experiences domestic violence during her life. And 60% of all incidents happen at home. These numbers are more than terrifying. Don't look the other way. SHARE this campaign with all your friends! It is a matter of life or death.
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