Dad Never Expected The Baby To React This Way When He Kissed Mommy. So HILARIOUS!

I have always loved babies. It’s fascinating when you watch them discover their surrounding for the very first time. From when they learn smiling, dancing or crawling; seeing them go through such milestones is quite amazing. Watching them react in a funny manner to the simple things around them finishes me off!
Within this clip, a toddle hilariously reacts to the kind of kissing the parents are performing in front of him. Seems he is really jealous! Going for a smooch is what the baby does every time mom is kissed by dad. This goes on repeatedly. The baby seems to be competing with dad in the most adorable manner. you may think he is reminding them not to forget about him!
It’s quite normal for babies to show this kind of jealous. They normally do this to seek for attention since they know well those around them. Maybe this baby wants to tell mom that he loves her too! How sweet!

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