Pressing on this point headache disappears in half a minute!

Traditional Oriental medicine believes that illness and pain occur due to cessation of circulation of energy throughout the body. Acupressure therapy has the task to restore the normal balance and flow of energy through the body. Through the stimulation of acupressure points, is regulating the flow of energy and relieves the pain.Headaches are classified in different categories, depending on the cause that leads to headaches. Tension headache is caused by rigid muscle contraction of the scalp. Migraine is caused by sinusitis due to clogged nasal passages.
Regardless of what type of headache it is, acupressure is considered to be effective in treating these health problems.

The headache disappears with acupressure

In the following, we introduce some acupressure points, which have a beneficial effect on the treatment of headaches.
Hoku point
Hoku point is located on the hand, right between the bones of the thumb and forefinger. It is the acupressure point, connected with a relaxation of the upper body. Pressing the hoku point you stimulate nerve endings.
Procedure: with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, press the hoku point on the other hand. Hold pressure about half a minute, or until you feel the muscles relax, and then release. This procedure can be repeated first on the one, then on the other hand.
Hoku point is most effective in the treatment of headaches, but we can offer and some other methods, ie. acupressure points.
Point at the head
In this method, the starting point is a place on your head, that is in the middle between the eyebrows. This point, press with thumb or forefinger, and in the grip drag your finger upward. Repeat the process for one minute, or until you notice that the pain slowly stops. Breathe deeply during this procedure.
B2 point
Use your thumb and forefinger, press the outer side of the nose, which are on the same level with the eyes. Do not press hard, but gently, because this is sensitive zone. Hold pressure for a few seconds. Repeat the process until the pain starts to decrease.
Point on the foot
Press a point on the foot, which is located between the thumb and the finger next to him. With forefinger and thumb of both hands, press the point on both feet at the same time. Pressure hold about 1min, and you can repeat the process several times, and headaches will soon stop.
At first, you may need to experiment with these acupressure points, to determine which you prefer, and which is most effective in your case. Points of acupressure does not react the same in all people, so you must first determine which point works best for you.
With the realization of acupressure, you must hit exactly the desired point, to feel the pain reliever for headaches. The method always starts by applying slight pressure to the point, gradually increasing the pressure.
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