Oval, elongated, round? What does your face say about you?

For centuries, people have tried to understand other people only by looking at their face. The ancient Chinese believed that the face is a reflection of your inner spirit.
In medieval Europe, beauty is in turn seen as synonymous for virtue and ugliness was a sign of evil.
Although these data are now called old-fashioned and it is all based on scientific research, still many believe that there is a direct link between the shape of the face and the human personality.
Round face
People with round face are emotional, sensitive and caring toward others. Men have a strong sexual fantasies and enjoy a stable and long-term relationships.
Long face
People with this form of the face are very practical, methodical, and they work hard.
The most common types of muscular and athletic, but because of too much self-confidence may have problems in the relationship.
Square face
Square face is often associated with fire, so it is possible that these people are aggressive, ambitious and like to dominate. They have a sharp, analytical mind and are very determined.
Triangular face
People with this face are associated with thin, handsome body and intellectual superiority. This face is also associated with creativity and sensitivity, but also with the fiery temperament.

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