Remove tartar, clean plaque, and destroy the bacteria in the mouth with just one ingredient

Improve your health and whiten the teeth with just one ingredient! You probably already have the ingredients at home. In case you have no idea what it could be, we’ll discover that this is about oil.

It is unrefined edible oil, more specifically, coconut oil. It does not matter if you do not like the taste, because you will not eat it.

Instead that, take two teaspoons and put them in your mouth. Shake the oil in the mouth same as you shake water after brushing your teeth, hold in the mouth for 5 minutes, then spit it out. You may be uncomfortable, but that’s the point.
This is a technique that is used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. This method can cure bad breath, gingivitis, eczema, acne and more.
Oil will ‘draw’ bacteria through the pores out of your mouth and out of your body in general. This theory is not really scientifically supported. In fact, oil, honey and other drugs really just softens the skin to remove sores.
But either way, the science indicates that the oil works to remove bacteria from the mouth. In one study it was found that the use of oil substantially remove bacteria, plaque and tartar.
Use of the dental floss can reduce the risk of cancer by reducing significant amounts of bacteria in the oral cavity, however oil can do the same!
As a result, you can have better teeth and breath. If you are doing this every day, keep in mind that the recommendation to hold the oil in your mouth is for 20 minutes. Use floss, brush and of course the oil regularly.

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