Volkswagen Hover Car: Are Flying Cars The Model Of The Future?

     When Volkswagen invited its customers to think up some ideas, it was perhaps inevitable that there would be at least one flying car design put forward.

But one concept – the ‘Hover Car’ – impressed the firm so much a short CGI YouTube video was made to showcase it.

The video bellow shows a VW flying two-seater zipping through Beijing. The car, powered by minerals underground, was the brainchild of a girl in China who responded to

he carmaker’s call for car innovation concepts. The idea is that thrusters on the back of the car would propel it forward.

Getting the “car” to work for real would require electromagnetic strips embedded into the roads below it, creating the hovering effect via electromagnetic suspension. As a prize, the girl’s parents got to “test drive” the car in a simulated video. According to Creativity Online, VW received 119,000 ideas and got 33 million hits on its website.
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