Man's family does not respect him because he is deaf: he hides the fact that he has a daughter to protect her from them


Relationships between parents and children can be the best interactions in life, but they can also be the worst. In fact, if you don't get along with your father, your mother or both, it is difficult to keep dialogue open and share the good and bad events in your life. This is a circumstance in which the subject of this story found himself. This man who has always fought against his family's great prejudice towards him. Because he is deaf, they never respected him in a way he deserved.

n response, he has decided not to share with them the greatest joy of his life: the birth of his daughter. But let's find out together the reasons that have given rise to such a great family rift.

"My wife and I are respectively 36 and 35 years of age and we live very far away from my parents," writes the deaf man on a post on Reddit. According to his account, he was deaf from birth and this was never accepted by his family. No member of the family had ever seen him as a "normal" person - they had only ever seen a person with a disability. And for this reason, the family had never tried to create a relationship and connect with their "handicapped" child. This situation that caused him suffer a lot and, over the years, their attitude has never changed.

"They never made an effort to learn sign language and, for this reason, they always excluded me from their conversations," the man writes. He continued: "When I became an adult, I moved away from them, I built my working career and I met my wife. She too is deaf and, like me, has experienced the same sort of treatment from her family: they never bothered to reach out to us to find out how we are doing. They think of us as two children and they are convinced that my in-laws help us to survive and that we are not able to look after ourselves. Fortunately, it is not at all like this."

Since these two families never behaved well towards the couple, when they had their daughter, the two decided to keep this a secret from them. Under no circumstances did these deaf parents want to expose their little one to the abuse of thier family members. So, it was too bad that, two years after her birth, the author's brother discovered the secret and told his parents about it. In response, the man's family went on a rampage and blamed his wife for keeping the secret: "They are convinced that she is manipulating me, but it's not the case," said the man. He continued: "They accused me of cutting them off and denying them the possibility of being grandparents to our daughter. They always treated me badly, but now I wonder if my wife and I weren't a bit too selfish in our decision to keep our daughter's birth a secret."

The Reddit followers of the man supported the couple and agreed  that his family would have done nothing more but try to take over the raising of their little one - and probably trying to make her grow  up "protected" from the disability of her parents and trying to ignore it as they had always done themselves.

What is your opinion about this story?


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