"The boss said he could fire me whenever he wanted": employee quits her job and leaves without regrets


 Work is one of the things we humans do that makes us feel useful. Our work contributes to economic development, to the well-being of the society in which we live, it is a stimulus for our brains and, in particular, a source of income that allows us to live peacefully and with dignity. But what if the workplace isn't quiet and peaceful? Think about it for a moment ... Have you ever experienced situations of deep unhappiness at work?

Maybe the cause of this is because of an unfriendly colleague or, even worse, your boss's unkind, cruel behavior. A similar situation was experienced by the woman we will tell you about shortly. Every day she was forced to suffer unkind jokes in the office and, sadly, these came primarily from her boss. Let's see what happened:

via: Reddit

The woman told her story in a post she published on Reddit. She wrote about the negative experience she had at her workplace due to a phrase her boss said to her every day.

"Some time ago my husband lost his job and I had to settle for anything going to contribute to the family economy. Fortunately, I found a job as a clerk in a bank. I was new to the environment and lacking in experience, so it created some issues for me. For example, sometimes the accounts didn't balance at the end of the day - little stuff like that - but my colleagues and I were forced to stay at work until everything was sorted out," writes the woman.

The employee said she felt very guilty about the other workers having to stay late with her. Unfortunately, she made mistakes that also affected others and this troubled her. But her colleagues had never blamed her, unlike her boss, Mel. As soon as she happened to make a mistake, her boss (whilst smiling) reminded her that it would take very little to have her fired.

Try to imagine this situation and put yourself in the woman's shoes for a moment. Would you have liked to wake up every morning, get ready, go out and face a work day knowing that you have this constant pressure? Probably not. For this worker it had become really unbearable and, above all, she was terrified at the thought of losing her job. Who would take care of her family? How would they keep going? So many questions crowded her mind. Then one day everything changed.

She looked around for another job and found one. It was now time for her revenge.

One morning, as soon as she got to the office, she asked Mel for a meeting. So what did Mel say? Mel told her to wait until closing time. "Too bad, I don't think you will find me. I'll be gone by then," the woman replied. Challenged by these words from an employee, the boss said that she had not been granted permission to leave work early. The woman, however, finally got the opportunity to communicate to the boss that she would not be gone for only a few hours, but forever. She  resigned and was the happiest person in the world. How can we blame her after all she had gone through. For her, a horrible chapter in her working life had just ended and a new and more stimulating one was about to begin.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation? If so, write about your experience in the comments.

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