Her boyfriend moves into the house she bought and wants to become the owner of the property


Moving into the same house with your sweetheart is an important step, which must be carefully considered but which is a normal, natural step forward if the bond that exists between the couple is strong enough. Along with the difficulties of living together, there will also be problems related to financial planning: you need to give yourself rules right away if you want to avoid tensions building in the relationship and, consequently, much more serious problems developing in the future. Erika Strong Rodi is a real estate agent who posted advice on TikTok for another young woman who, apparently, was facing the big step of living together with her partner and buying a house to this end. Erika was very frank and many of her followers agreed with her.

The question posed by an anonymous young woman concerned the purchase of a house together with her partner: even though the woman had bought the house, after he moved in, he asked to be added to the deeds as the owner (or co-owner) of the house. According to her point of view, even though she had bought the house - and only she would be paying the mortgage - he should contribute to the payments if he wanted to be a co-owner. And the fact was that he was not prepared to do this. Erika, in her video, made her thoughts clear on the matter: "Absolutely do not put his name on the deed". The video has been seen by more than a million people and the many comments from followers are all of the same opinion: "Are you talking about your ex?" or even "Don't do it - even if you marry him" and concrete testimonies such as "My husband and I have been married for 30 years and the house is not in his name".

Among the various tips, there is of course advice for the couple to sign a prenup agreement in case the two decide to get married (although many other simply suggested the woman leave her current boyfriend). A person who acts in this way (i.e. refusing to contribute but also demanding ownership), in fact, seems to have ulterior motives and seems to want to take advantage of an opportunity to acquire a house, or at least a part of one, without actually making any financial effort. "Absolutely NOO" writes a follower, adding: "And what does he think? That by paying a little something for household expenses he will become a homeowner? He's out of his mind."

We understand that it is not easy to manage finances as a couple and that everyone finds their "own" way to deal with this challenge, but what advice would you give to the young woman who bought the house? Write to us in the comments!

 Source: www.wtvideo.com
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