Groom is moved when he meets the woman who is alive thanks to the heart she got from his deceased brother


Having a brother or sister can mean a lot in a person's life. Anyone who has a sibling knows how important they can be as a influential person in one's life. But it cannot said that familial relationships will always go well - in fact, sometimes it can happen that two related people do not take to each other very well and conflicts arise. But if that isn't the case, then a brother could become a confidant, a dear friend, the person you would tell anything to, and the first one you would ask for advice when you needed it.

But as you know, sometimes fate is fickle and, just as it gave us our life partner, it could decide to take them away from us. A similar and very sad thing happened to the man we are about to tell you about in this article - read on:

The subject of this moving story is Derick Smith. Derick had a brother he got along with very well, Jake. The two brothers had always done everything together - shared positive experiences and even some bad ones. Anyone who has a brother or sister will have had a fight with them for some reason: toys, books, clothes and much more. The nice thing about these incidents is knowing that everything will be back to normal in a very short time. So it was for these two brothers too. Unfortunately, however, life has not been very kind to them. When Jake was only 12, he sadly passed away. Derick has always suffered from this loss, but he carried on in his deep sorrow, until he met the woman in his life who gave him back his smile.

After 10 years of engagement, Derick decided to marry his beloved Katy. What better decision for two people who love each other? But it was too bad that the groom had a great wish that seemed impossible to fulfill. He would have liked so much that his brother Jake would be present on his wedding day.

Luckily, love knows no bounds and Katy, the future bride, had taken steps to make her partner happy. What did she do? We tell you all about it - keep reading:

Katy had learned of the whole affair involving the Smith family and knew that her fiancé's parents had agreed to donate their deceased son's organs (including his heart). They never knew who the recipient of the heart was and never investigated, but Katy decided to do this. The young woman discovered that the donation had gone to a 6-year-old girl, Gracie Wilkinson, whom she was able to track down.

On the day of the wedding Katy was able to partially fulfill Derick's dream of having Jake as his best man. Before the ceremony, Katy told her future husband that he was going to meet someone special. When she revealed who the person was - the person who had lived thanks to getting his brother's heart in an organ donation - Derick burst into tears.

These were tears of joy and emotion that intensified when, a few moments later, he saw Grace (the donor receipient) approaching. The two hugged and the woman allowed Derick to listen to her heartbeat. For a moment, the man had the sensation of being in touch with his beloved brother again. Grace attended the beautiful ceremony and in the days that followed come, she stayed in touch with the Smith family.

This is a story that, despite its sad undertones, had a sweet and emotional ending. This story shows us how sometimes life can overcome very sad moments and also underlines the importance of having love in one's life. Thanks also to this kind gesture, Derick had confirmation of how right Katy is for him. We all wish a long and happy life to this wonderful couple.



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