Bride asks four grandmothers to act as "flower ladies" and scatter petals as she passes by


What would you never give up on your wedding day? Apart from the partner, this should be clear. Another key element will likely be our loved ones. Family and friends certainly cannot be absent in such an important moment in the life of two people. Here it is then, that often someone is chosen from among them who can fill one of the primary roles within the ceremony. Whether they are witnesses, bridesmaids or pageboys, it doesn't matter, as long as they are there.

This was exactly the reasoning of the bride we are about to tell you about. This young woman thought of everything when organizing her wedding and, of course, the all-important bridesmaids who would sprinkle the bride's path with flower petals. But the choice was not at all traditional. Let's see what she came up with:

Lyndsey Raby is the subject of this wonderful story. Long engaged to the man in her life, Lyndsey and her partner chose their wedding date and organized an almost perfect ceremony. Having chosen the witnesses and the bridesmaids, the two future spouses could only think of the "flower ladies". Specifically, this is something Lyndsey took care of.

Usually when you think of this role, the mind immediately goes to young women who, in beautiful and special dresses and crowns of flowers on their heads, walk gracefully up the aisle scattering petals as the bride passes by. In this case, four very, very special people were chosen for this task.

"Ever since I got engaged and started thinking about my wedding day, I had a goal: I wanted at all costs to involve my grandmothers and have them play a special role during the ceremony. I was so lucky to have them all there with me ", said Lyndsey. That's right: the future bride has chosen her two grandmothers, her fiancé's grandmother and her 90-year-old great-grandmother as the "flower ladies". This was an unorthodox and very unique choice, especially for the spirit and joy with which the four ladies participated in the ceremony.

Even the official wedding photographer was pleasantly surprised and commented with these words: "I have attended many events and seen many flower girls, but these four women have won first prize. When Lindsey told me about her choice, I was certainly not expecting a level of "cheekiness" and energy from people who are not really that young. Instead, their energy was incredible. They were delighted to be at their beautiful niece's side and they livened up the ceremony. I understood then how little age matters, but it's the character of each person that counts, " said the wedding photographer.

This was an original and heartfelt idea that made the bride and the four elderly grannies extremely happy. Outfitted in identical blue lace dresses, these special bridesmaids paraded down the aisle throwing flowers with their eyes full of love and enthusiasm.

Having a grandmother by your side on a special day like a wedding is a big bonus, and if there are four of them, then it's almost like a dream come true. Congratulations to Lindsey for her choice and for having conveyed all the joy of that moment to us through the photos she posted.


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